A senior couple experiences the isolation and uncertainty of old age.




  • Official Selection at LA Film Festival (2018) 

    • [Academy-award qualifying festival]

  • Official Selection at Nashville Film Festival (2018) 

    • [Academy-award qualifying festival]

  • Official Selection at Rhode Island International Film Festival (2018) 

    • [Academy-award qualifying festival]

  • Official Selection at Carmarthen Bay Film Festival (2018) 

    • [BAFTA Cymru qualifying festival]

  • Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Cinefest (2018)

  • Official Selection at San Louis Obispo International Film Festival (2018)

    • [MovieMaker Magazine's 'Top 50 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee'​]

  • Official Selection at All American High School Film Festival (2018)

    • [World's Largest High School Film Festival]​

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2018 AAHSFF Official Selections Laurel-B

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A film exploring the loveliness in loneliness & the infinite wonder we find when we allow ourselves to bloom into the empty. A soft sense of purpose, how it sings within & around itself: this is so, this is so, this is so.


  • Finalist of 60th CINE Golden Eagle Award for "Student & Youth Media" 

    • [Past student and youth recipients include Academy Award Winners Robert Zemeckis (1972), Pete Docter (1991), and Ron Howard (1972)]

  • Finalist of "Young Filmmaker" Award at My Rode Reel Film Competition (2017)

    • [World's Largest Short Film Competition]

  • Finalist of "Best Sound Design" Award at My Rode Reel Film Competition (2017) 

    • [World's Largest Short Film Competition]

  • Winner of "Best Actress" at Singapore International Student Film Festival (2017)

  • Official Selection at Across Asia Youth Film Festival (2017)

  • Official Selection at 17th Annual Laurie Nelson Film Festival (2017)

  • Official Selection at Newark International Film Festival Youth (2017)

“SUPERNOVA at its peak speaks to this: not simply isolation, but the solitude, the symphony of silence, the parts of ourselves that are vast, unknowable, marine.” – Lydia Eileen, Half Mystic

“So incredibly hollowing … made us feel like we're experiencing a universal feeling we couldn’t quite name.” 

 Kimberly Hoyos, The Light Leaks

"[A] softly-glowing, blue-hued body of filmic wonder ... poetic filmmaking at its best."

– Kanika Lawton, L'Éphémère Review

“Despite the film being short, I got sucked into it. I seemed to have blinked and it was over ... Quick, poetic, yet out of this world."  Rachel Poli

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In a world where the mental health sector has skyrocketed, a teenager has an appointment with a therapist to see what is wrong with him.




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  • Finalist at Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2018

  • Honorable Mention at Columbus International Film & Animation Festival 2019

    • [Oldest film festival in America​]

  • Official Selection at Tallgras Film Festival 2019

    • [MovieMaker Magazine's 'Top 50 Festivals Worth the Entry Fee'​]

Honorable Mention - Columbus Internation
FINALIST - 33rd Fort Lauderdale Internat
  • Honorable Mention at Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival 2016 

    • [Past guests and award-presenters include Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Michael Caine, etc.]

  • Official Selection at All American High School Film Festival 2016

    • [World's Largest High School Film Festival]


  • Official Selection at Royal Starr Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection at Five Minutes of Fame 2016 

  • Official Selection at Bright Ideas Film Festival 2016 

  • Official Selection at Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 2016

  • Official Selection at 16th Annual Laurie Nelson Film Festival 2016


When one brother is released from jail, the other is torn whether he should forgive or forget him.

The rest of Ishan's films can be seen on his Youtube Channel